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Website Design

Let us create a website that you will love and your competition will envy!TM

At D805 we take pride in our ability to orchestrate thoughts and words into images that reflect the individuality of our clients. Although content and navigation are by far the most important aspects of any website, our ability to create aesthetically pleasing sites will dramatically improve the length of time devoted to your content.

D805 is a full service web development company. We will guide you through the entire process: From the initial fact-finding consultation, custom graphic design, to complete web development using the latest web technology.


Digital 805 has worked in Internet marketing for nearly 20 years and specializes in search engine optimization. We create websites with search engines in mind, making your website successful from the start. Most new website designs do not need to pay for additional marketing. We call this… Marketing by designTM.


A professional custom design for your website assures that your business or organization conveys a specific message to your targeted audience. Your website creates a connection between you and your existing customers or prospects. People are very visual. When a visitor first arrives to a website, he or she makes an assumption on the quality of the products or services. This feeling or opinion happens in seconds before the person even takes time to read the textual content of the page. This is why a great custom design can increase revenue by capturing the attention of the customers the very first time around.

We also provide redesign of existing websites. If your budget does not allow for a new website, we can change the graphic elements of your site and give it a brand new up-to-date look that will impress your visitors.

In order for us to give an accurate cost, we need to know what type of project you have in mind. Please contact us and give us a brief rundown of your project. Proposals are free and will be submitted to you within 2 business days. Please view our Policies for Design & Payment Terms for more information.


We offer many different ecommerce solutions for your website through either fully integrated shopping carts onto your site or with semi-integrated carts and third party vendors such as Paypal, Google Check-out or your bank. Our ecommerce solutions enable you to sell products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can sell your products even in your sleep. That is the beauty of the Internet!