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Domain Name Hosting

Reliable Domain Name Hosting since 1997!

  • Dependable Services / Fast Servers
  • Prompt, Professional Customer Support
  • Easy to use cPanel Control Panel

We offer 100% UPTIME solutions as a standard feature on all INDIE accounts and higher. We host your website on a cpanel server and ALSO host it on another server “just in case.” We utilize a specialized DNS monitoring service that checks your site every 2-4 minutes and if it cannot reach your web site for any reason, traffic automatically switches to your 2nd server site, hosted entirely in a separate datacenter.

D805 is a privately owned company that serves professional and personal sites in the domestic and international markets. Our servers are U.S. based as is our staff. We are known and recommended for our commitment to prompt and professional customer service.


Shopping for a website host can be frustrating. There are thousands of companies out there, each with their own set of features but sometimes misleading incentives and hidden charges. Not only does D805 offer all of the features of other “web space providers”, but since we are already a design firm we have the professionals on hand to provide site maintenance, support and promotion in an affordable one rate package.

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