Digital 805


Policies for Design & Payment Terms

Time frame for completion:

Depending on the size of the website, 4-6 weeks from start date is allocated for each design phase. Larger or smaller projects will be determined on a case by case base.
Open communication, feedback and availability of elements needed for design completion are key to meeting the time frame allocated. Any delays in a timely completion of design may result in the project being put aside for an undetermined amount of time while other designs in the queue are completed and the designer is available to commit time to the project again.


All gallery/portfolio/shop/other images need to be web optimized (72dpi) and sized accordingly (max 3000px wide) or a $5 per image fee will be added per image.

All content is required and needs to be finalized before implementing to the test site. If content is not ready prior to test site, project will be delayed. Filling pages or posts with the clients content is not a design element or requirement, it is a courtesy offered by the designer during design phase. If copy is provided it will be dropped in “as is” proofing of content, editing or formatting is not included in design package. Any copy not provided during the start of design phase is not guaranteed to be included in final design approval. Dummy content or images may be used to complete design phase if necessary and client may be trained to edit and add content if needed.

Maintenance Packages, Edits & Compromised or Out-of-Date Files & Themes:

It is the responsibility of the client to update and maintain their website regularly once design is complete. These services are also available for hire under a maintenance package. If a website is compromised due to outdated platforms, themes or plugins it is the client’s responsibility to contact their hosting provider to see if the website can be restored. If a restore is not an available option, a redesign may be required. Additionally, themes may become outdated and stop working over time, as new technology comes into play. It is the client’s responsibility to keep up to date or inquire about these changes and seek redesign services for updated themes as needed. Security, speed, and other factors can become compromised and you could end up having to redesign from scratch if these updates are not made.

Maintenance packages do not include time spent fixing any compromises due to conflicting plugins or themes or issues due to themes or plugins no longer supported by the developer, only deactivation of the broken theme or plugin. At your request, we will upgrade the theme if needed, but any conflicts, broken design elements, theme crashes, etc will not be covered. If your theme incurs any cost to upgrade it will be the responsibility of the client to cover the costs of the theme update and additional development time. We will inform you if any issues or extra costs arise with your theme update.

Payment requirements:

Projects totaling $500 or less are due up front in full and are non-refundable unless the project is cancelled within 24 hours of payment or before major elements of the project are started/completed.

Projects over $500 are split into 2 payments unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. The half up front deposit is non-refundable and due before any services are rendered. Payment remaining balance is due immediately upon completion. No design files, administrative access, or training is granted until final payment is received. Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in removal of all design elements from the completed website.

Any additional revisions or elements not included in the initial estimate will be added to the final invoice at a project or hourly ($85/hr) rate. Please note that any delayed project over 30 days, due to Client revisions or content turnaround, will be subject to project price changes. Additionally, delayed projects may be subject to a break-down of the final invoice, requiring payment for the portion of the project completed and the remaining balance due when the project resumes.

Ownership if Website Design

Upon completion of a custom website design and payment of web design and development fees, the Client is the owner of the commissioned website. The client may continue to use the commissioned website to promote the Client’s company or organization regardless of whether he/she chooses to continue further services with Digital 805.

Termination of Agreement:

If during the course of design the client is unsatisfied with the services purchased and nothing can be done to the designers abilities to make the client satisfied with the services paid for, final payment will not be billed and the site design and theme will be removed. The designer will hold all rights to design elements and theme licenses, images purchased any and all elements of unapproved design.

Permission & Releases:

It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain proper right and licenses to all images, content and elements used on their design. The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Eco-Office Gals against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to materials included in the work at the request of the Client for which no copyright permission of privacy release was requested or uses which exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a permission or a release.

Life of Estimate:

All estimates will be honored for 30 days from the day presented. After 30 days any original discounts offered or changes in package prices will result in a new estimate price.